S’Express – Theme From S’Express

„Theme from S-Express“ is an acid house song by British dance music band S’Express, from their debut studio album, Original Soundtrack, written and produced by Mark Moore and Pascal Gabriel. One of the landmarks of early acid house and late 1980s sampling culture, the single became an instant hit upon its release in April 1988, peaking at number one in the UK Singles Chart in April 1988 for two weeks. It fared less well in the United States, only reaching number 91 in the Billboard Hot 100, but reaching number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. It peaked at number 11 in Australia and number two in West Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The song samples liberally from many other works, including heavy usage of Rose Royce’s „Is It Love You’re After“, and TZ’s „I Got the Hots for You“, which provided the song’s campy hook. The song made prominent use of the line „Drop that ghetto blaster“ from the song „Tales of Taboo“ by Karen Finley. The hi-hat is sampled from an aerosol spray. The track’s „S’Express“ refrain makes reference to the 42nd Street Shuttle, a line on the New York City Subway. The train sample used is of an InterCity 125. The cover artwork features a cutaway drawing of a British Rail Class 56, a contemporary freight locomotive. For the North American release, some spoken word samples had to be removed due to licensing issues, and were recreated by unnamed voice artists.

This is a list of samples used in „Theme from S-Express“:

  • Alfredo de la Fé – „Hot to Trot“ from Alfredo, 1979 (LP)
  • Crystal Grass – „Crystal World“ from You’re All I Ever Dreamed Of, 1974 (LP)
  • Karen Finley – „Tales of Taboo“ from Tales of Taboo, 1986 (12″)
  • Debbie Harry – „Feel the Spin“ from Krush Groove soundtrack, 1985 (LP)

        [removed from U.S. version]

  • Vocal sample by Laura Olsher from „The Martian Monsters“ from Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House, 1964 (LP) [removed from U.S. version]
  • Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – „The Bottle“ from Winter in America, 1974 (LP) [removed from U.S. version]
  • Ish Ledesma – „Scream for Daddy“ from I Could Love You, 1986 (12″)
  • Peech Boys – „Don’t Make Me Wait“ from Life Is Something Special, 1983 (LP)
  • Gene Roddenberry – „The Star Trek Dream“ from The Star Trek Dream, 1976 (LP) [removed from U.S. version]
  • Rose Royce – „Is It Love You’re After“ from Rose Royce IV: Rainbow Connection, 1979 (LP)
  • Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs – „Oh That’s Bad, No That’s Good“ from Oh That’s Good, No That’s Bad, 1967 (7″) [removed from U.S. version]
  • Stacey Q – „Two of Hearts“ from Better Than Heaven, 1986 (LP) [removed from U.S. version]
  • TZ – „I Got the Hots for You“ from I Got the Hots for You, 1983 (12″)
  • Yazoo – „Situation“ from Upstairs at Eric’s, 1982 (LP)


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