Samantha Fox – Love House

„Love House“ is a pop–dance song performed by British singer Samantha Fox and written/produced by Ferdi Bolland and Rob Bolland. It was released as the first European single from Samantha’s third album,  I Wanna Have Some Fun, in the third quarter of 1988. In the United States, it was released as the album’s third and final single in 1989.

„Love House“ was one of the first acid house singles to appear on mainstream charts. In 2009, reflecting on the rave era Fox stated, „Of course, I experienced the acid house scene. It actually happened in London at the end of the 80’s and acid house parties were held in disused warehouses that were taken over for one night only.“

Among the samples used is a vocable from „Just That Type of Girl“ by Madame X. The „Black Pyramid Mix“ was produced by dance music pioneer Kevin Saunderson.

Orlando Sentinel praised the song saying, „Rob and Ferdi Bolland twiddle the knobs to grand effect on ‚Love House‘ and also on ‚One in a Million.‘ The Dallas Morning News, however, dismissed the track as „computerized schlock“ and „pseudofunk.“

The single peaked at number thirty-two in the United Kingdom. In the United States, it failed to enter the US Billboard Hot 100, however, it reached number 14 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.

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